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Introduction (Wood Identification)


Identification of timber species is an interesting and challenging subject if you can master it: it will take much patient study and experience to become reasonably expert at identifying the many commercial species available in our country.

At first sight, it may appear to be comparatively easy to identify a timber species, but you will soon learn that there are many pitfalls. You will often find yourself uncertain and bewildered, especially when you encounter two or more timbers with similar diagnostic features.

It is obvious that in studies related to timber identification we must first know exactly what we are looking for. Through this portal, we will guide you thru the various elements such as tracheal, fibres, vessels, parenchyma cells and so on; which form the structure of wood. In our Timber Identification's process, we will relate the occurence and orientation of these elements in order to set a structural picture that will assist us to correctly identify timber species.

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