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Method and Procedures in Identification of Timbers

We use three different methods to help us in timber identification :-

  1. We can make a macroscopic study, using no optional aids, study the gross features, etc;
  2. We can use low magnification in the form of hand lens (X 10) or magnifier.
  3. We can resort to higher magnification by using the optical microscopic.

It is also necessary to examine the specimen in three directions:

  1. The Transverse or End Section (TS);
  2. The Radial Longitudinal Section (RLS);
  3. The Tangential Longitudinal Section.

We find that examination of the Transverse Section (TS) will prove to be most rewarding, for here we should find a number of diagnostic features to aid identification; we can note the size and arrangement of the pores, the width of the rays, and the arrangements of the parenchyma's tissues. The presence or absence of tyloses and extraneous materials will also be helpful.

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